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Variantum helps companies to become more customer centric

You can no longer compete with a “one size fits all” product or service. Each customer is different and requires a unique solution. However, standardised mass production has set the market price level. Leading companies have turned to configurable products and services as the source of their competitiveness. Variantum technology makes it happen.

We help our customers to launch new products and services faster, achieve an error-free sales-to-delivery process and boost their after-sales service business.

Reference case: KONE Oyj

Variantum’s technology has been instrumental in KONE product life-cycle management. KONE has achieved significant improvement in the time-to-market and order-to-delivery processes of complex configurable products.

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Variantum Story

Variantum is specialized in managing configurable products through their life-cycle. Our solutions have over 20 000 users in 80 countries. Our product portfolio consist of solutions from requirement management to product data management, sales configuration to production configuration, as well as installed base management and service support. Our development team is located in Espoo, Finland and we operate with world-class service partners to deliver a global support to our customers.

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    LinkedIn Company Updates

  • 25 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Variantum Oy

    Yrityksen kilpailukyky viedään huippuunsa massaräätälöinnillä. Variantum artikkeli Yritysratkaisut julkaisussa. https://lnkd.in/eWzvXr6 https://lnkd.in/eHE83Qm

  • 1 Months Agoview on linkedin

    Variantum Oy

    Tuotteiden digitaaliset kaksoset mahdollistavat laajemman palvelumyynnin. Variantum artikkeli Teknologia- ja teollisuusratkaisut liitteessä.  https://lnkd.in/exa3Mca

  • 1 Months, 2 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Variantum Oy

    HCL announces partnership with Variantum. HCL has partnered with Variantum Oy, a Finland–based company specialized in managing configurable products through their life-cycle. Together, the partners will augment Variantum’s efforts to introduce innovations for industrial digitalization: from Configure-Price-Quote solutions (CPQ) to life-cycle management of Digital Twins. This partnership will benefit a large customer base across various industries with configurable products, from elevators to locking products, among others. HCL’s Engineering and R&D Services, with its vast pool of engineering talent internationally and in Europe, is primed to substantially scale Variantum’s capabilities, both locally and globally. https://lnkd.in/etCivvS https://lnkd.in/eEyV7PR https://lnkd.in/e8ZUCFY

  • 1 Months, 9 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Variantum Oy

    Variantum published our new website. Check out the Variantum story!http://www.variantum.com/

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  • 4 Months, 14 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Variantum Oy

    Variantum has moved to a new address. Our team has grown during the springtime by 5 professionals and we needed a larger office. Our new office address is Tekniikantie 4A 02150 Espoo Finland Please use the same address also for invoicing. Visitors should note that we are located in Otaniemi, Futuro Business Park, A-building and 2nd floor. Futuro offers visitors 4-hour parking places. You can also use Variantum parking places located behind the A-building in the far corner. https://lnkd.in/eDRe6vT