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The Leading Offering Management Company - Variantum

Would you like to accelerate your company’s growth? Our Offering Management suite provides you with unlimited offering configuration capability - and you can respond to a wider demand rapidly!

Reimagine your offering and own the data that enables boosting customer experience.

With our software you can automate and enhance your processes. Today customers want options for personalized products. To respond to the current challenges, you have to be able to enrich the product offering constantly. Our software suite VariSuite utilizes data in your processes in such a way that your go-to-market process will be more agile, and your customers’ needs will be met promptly.

Traditionally businesses with the ability to offer customized products have had a competitive advantage over mass producers. However, with VariSuite approach you can achieve a true customer-driven configurability for mass production as well. As a result, your business can ramp up profitably into mass-customization with no requirement for large-scale system renewal projects.

In VariSuite, the configurable product or offering is defined so that your whole organization: sales, engineering, production and maintenance will start using a common language as the company’s product or offering model is shared to all departments from the same source of data. This makes an impact on all process phases: they will become quicker, and all changes will be easier to make continuously.

Gain deep expertise and insight on how to boost your company’s growth by end-to-end offering lifecycle management - it is essential in today’s intelligent and fast-moving product world!

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Time is money. Our solutions will provide faster time-to-market and unique customer experience.


Our End-To-End Solutions provide more power to employees and can help companies drive growth. Forget silos and focus on Offering from R&D to Sales and Production to Support.


Innovation beyond organizational units. Transparency across the whole process and customer demand driving the design process. With ties of trust and collaboration it is easier to create, produce and sell a new offering.


Speed up your sales and quoting process while providing up-to-date availability information to customer and decreasing the need for technical sales support.

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Automate the creation of production configurations, production documentation manage test results.

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Customer retention through maintenance with state-of-the-art product traceability. VariTrace stores the digital twin of each configured individual product.

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VariPDM has been designed to be a modular and flexible PDM backbone - the underlying software upon which Variantum has build its solutions.

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BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: Get 30% off from our CPQ and PDM feasibility studies!

November 25, 2021

Let us help you to figure out how could you benefit from CPQ or PDM solution.

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VariSales Basic via eLearning

November 23, 2021

Our eLearning platform is available all the time so you can use it whenever it suits you the best!

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Make quoting in Salesforce easier with CPQ

November 18, 2021

Modern CPQ-software can automize the offering process and routine tasks which significantly saves time.

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Variantum and Wesconi have agreed on partnership!

November 16, 2021

Variantum has signed a partnership agreement with Wesconi, a Slovakian system vendor company operating in CEE region.

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One product, multiple variations – speed up the sales and after-sales of your configurable product

November 8, 2021

How could you best take advantage of product’s life cycle and additional sales opportunities?

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VariSuite Overview eLearning

November 3, 2021

A while ago we launched our eLearning platform. Did you know that you can learn to use our products there, whenever it suits you best? Learning can be easy, playful, and fun!

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CIMdata, Global Leaders in PLM Consulting, wrote an ebook from Variantum’s End-to-End approach. They stated: “Variantum’s solutions clearly deliver proven capabilities and performance that enable global companies in a business-critical manner.”

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