Variantum manages your most complex configurable products

Our PDM and life-cycle management platform enables you to make competitive mass-customized products, with a true digital thread.

Master complexity

Variantum technology enables the efficient management of complex configurable products and services. We offer a scalable solution for product data management, sales and production configuration as well as installed base management.

Drive profitable growth

We help our customers to launch new products and services faster and achieve an error-free sales-to-delivery process. Our customers boost their after-sales service business with accurate installed base management.

Reference case: Abloy

Variantum’s technology is an essential part of Abloy’s excellence in the seamless digital flow of the order-to-delivery process.

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Variantum Story

Variantum is specialized in managing configurable products through their life-cycle. Our solutions have over 20 000 users in 80 countries. Our product portfolio consist of solutions from requirement management to product data management, sales configuration to production configuration, as well as installed base management and service support. Our development team is located in Espoo, Finland and we operate with world-class service partners to deliver a global support to our customers.

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A comprehensive book on configurable products, PDM and product lifecycle management PLM (The book is now available only in Finnish)


Kirja tutustuttaa lukijan konfiguroitaviin tuotteisiin ja tuotetiedon hallintaan liittyviin käsitteisiin ja opastaa esimerkein niiden käyttöä tuotteen elinkaareen liittyvissä prosesseissa kuten tuotekehityksessä, -konfiguroinnissa, tuotannossa ja tuotetiedon hallinnassa.

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Variantum News

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Sales Assistant Summer trainee

Variantum is an experienced Finnish software company, specialized in product data management (PDM) and configurable product models. We help several industries to automate their configure-price-quote (CPQ) and order-to-delivery processes and [...]

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Summer trainees

Variantum is looking for summer trainees. Variantum is a Finnish software company established in 2005. We are specialised in product data management and product configurators. Variantum’s customers have modular products [...]

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Software Developer

Would you like to be a Software Developer in a company defining The Future?. We invite you to work with us and develop world-class software solutions with the latest technology. [...]

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CIMdata Publishes eBook

CIMdata Publishes eBook: “Mastering Complex Configurable Products through the Digital Thread”

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A unique solution for each customer

The world is changing. People value individuality and companies are adopting more customer centric business approaches. The mass market has turned into a market of one. But how to sell [...]

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