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The Leading Offering Management Suite

We help companies become customer-centric through smart process automation and true offering configurability. Respond to a wider demand faster with high precision and profitability through Variantum's Offering Management suite.

Elevate your offering to the customer-driven age

It is a proven fact that businesses with the ability to offer customized products have a competitive advantage over mass producers. Variantum builds software that enables your business to ramp up profitably into mass-customization with no requirement for large scale ERP/CRM/MES renewal projects.

The beauty with Variantum is that you can achieve results quickly regardless of your product or industry. Our goal is not to compete with your current vendor stack, but successfully complete it.

Who we are &
what we do?

Variantum Offering Management Suite

Our software suite drives benefits across your delivery chain from R&D and Sales to Production and Maintenance. VariSuite is a modular product family that supports efficient integrations to most ERP, CRM, MES and CAD systems or can be used as your core PDM system.

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Time is money. Our solutions will provide faster time-to-market and unique customer experience.


Our End-To-End Solutions provide more power to employees and can help companies drive growth. Forget silos and focus on Offering from R&D to Sales and Production to Support.


Innovation beyond organizational units. Transparency across the whole process and customer demand driving the design process. With ties of trust and collaboration it is easier to create, produce and sell a new offering.


Speed up your sales and quoting process while providing up-to-date availability information to customer and decreasing the need for technical sales support.

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Automate the creation of production configurations, production documentation manage test results.

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Customer retention through maintenance with state-of-the-art product traceability. VariTrace stores the digital twin of each configured individual product.

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VariPDM has been designed to be a modular and flexible PDM backbone - the underlying software upon which Variantum has build its solutions.

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Success Stories

Latest from Variantum


November 24, 2020

An easy to use Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) for your company 1000€*. Unlimited users!

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Meet our people: Anu Fagerlund

November 19, 2020

Behind all of our awesome products is an inspired team of talented people working ambitiously to make VariSuite work seamlessly. One of them is Anu Fagerlund - our funny software designer.

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Smart Excel sales configurator with guiding web interface and inference engine

November 17, 2020

Many companies are aiming to have simple product configurator and often Excel is used as a first step. It’s also a good tool to define product options and price calculation..

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Meet our people: Vesa Kuusio

November 12, 2020

We are here again with "meet our people"-series, this time introducing our excellent Senior Expert: Vesa Kuusio

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How to get ready to close deals from your website?

November 10, 2020

Variantum’s inbound offer request configurator brings companies a powerful process to improve/enhance customers’ experience and new way to bring customers near company sales.

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Product release: VariCPQ Enterprise

November 5, 2020

The most modern and versatile Sales Configurator for Salesforce!

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CIMdata, Global Leaders in PLM Consulting, wrote an ebook from Variantum’s End-to-End approach. They stated: “Variantum’s solutions clearly deliver proven capabilities and performance that enable global companies in a business-critical manner.”

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