Digital synergy between processes and over silos

Companies have systems and solutions that have been used many years to manage own organization processes effectively. Why were those systems selected in the first place? Who selected them? Do they support company’s total efficiency still today?

We think that the answer lies inside those organizations and objectives has been noble in that time. However, in the era of digitalization, digitalization officers finally will face complex system combinations and incompatibility product models to be used over the silos and systems.

Variantum has succeeded in combining main processes over product information management in those processes in an optimal way and in integrating product information to other mainframes such as CRM, ERP and Design tools.

VariSuite Framework is common platform for all VariSuite modules. It keeps data model, access management and product model for all VariSuite modules and processes in sync between each other avoiding silos.

VariSales CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) tool helps guided selling and effective offering of configurable and standard products and services with CRM integration.

VariPDM includes product data management features for faster engineering and time-to-markets supporting configurable products, release processes, design tool and ERP integrations

VariProd manages order-to-manufacture automation and product configurations for manufacturing purposes

VariTrace is an installed base that manages product individuals after delivery and service and maintenance data management

“Variantum’s comprehensive approach ensures that a company’s configurable product definitions are understood, compatible, and available to sales, engineering, production, and throughout the maintenance lifecycle"
—Peter Bilello, President & Chief Executive Officer, CIMdata, Inc.

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