How to get ready to close deals from your website?

How often you end up on a company website that has attractive offering and even price lists for the product, but you can't configure the product with your own selections?

You have probably filled a form with your requirements to contact the sales and to get a customized offer. Then you must wait for a salesperson to inform you about the available options. It usually takes a long time to get the offer even this far.

We have a solution to fulfill that important gap between the buyer process and sales process.

Variantum’s inbound offer request configurator brings companies a powerful process to improve/enhance customers’ experience and new way to bring customers near company sales.

This allows inbound customers to configure and evaluate company product features and prices for their needs when they want.

Both the customer and the salespeople will benefit; the customer will get a focused offer, and the sales can focus on customers who already have verified their need and have found right price level for the negotiations!

Here is an example of how the process could work with your offering:

  1. The customer opens the offer configurator that is linked to company product web pages.
  2. The customer configures product options and gives contact information.
  3. The offer with customer product options and price is sent to the sales team.
  4. The sales team adjusts prices, negotiates with the customer, and sends the final offer letter and product specification. ​
  5. The deal with the customer can be closed. ​

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