Meet our people: Andreas Anderson

This time in the series of meet the people of Variantum team we want to introduce you our CTO: Andreas Anderson

Present yourself briefly

"Hello, my name is Andreas Anderson and I'm the Chief Technology Officer at Variantum, where I lead the product development and customer solution creation operations. Variantum was founded as a research spin-off from Helsinki University of Technology, now part of Aalto University. My background is in computer science and before joining Variantum I worked at the university in the research group that laid the foundations on which Variantum is built.

When I was younger, I played football and practiced Ju-Jutsu, but nowadays my sports of choice are cycling to the office and jogging. I have always been passionate about music and for the past five years I’ve been learning the five-string banjo."

How would your family describe you?

"I am half British and half Finnish, with the stereotype British humour - I often talk about things half-jokingly, never too seriously. “Funny guy, chatters a lot.” "

What is best about working at Variantum?

"We have a great team with really smart people. Whenever a problem arises, we're keen to innovate and solve it. In general, software development is interesting and challenging. An initial idea turns into a sound product through team effort. I really enjoy to see the things my colleagues and I developed in daily use at our customers."

What are your professional strengths?

"I love developing software and it’s something that I believe I am good at, whether its coding or leading a development team. With a huge amount of programming experience, it easier to grasp larger problems. Of course, I am not the only one in our team with that sort of experience. As excellent software developers, we have a holistic understanding of the problem we are trying to solve."

Where do you see Variantum in five years

"We have spent a lot of effort on making our current products. This is of course just the start of the journey and now we are focusing on growing and making our products known worldwide."

Any last words before that world domination?

"We have been working for years to develop solutions that can stand the test of time because we are always at the cutting edge of innovation. That is the reason we have successfully secured some of Finland’s largest technology companies as long-term clients. That is what you need for world domination."

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