Meet our people: Elli Karjalainen

Our Customer Experience team has gained a new addition: this time we introduce Elli Karjalainen in Meet our people -series.

Present yourself briefly

Hi! My name is Elli Karjalainen. I live in Espoo with my husband and two kids. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing board games, walking in the woods and doing some gardening, such as growing flowers and vegetables in pots. It’s fun to see plants grow and quite rewarding to harvest your own potatoes, zucchini, herbs, and other fresh produce! I’m looking forward to getting back to my other hobbies, Zumba and fitness boxing, which have been on a break due to the pandemic. I’m always interested in learning about different cultures, countries, and languages and eager to improve my language skills whenever possible.

What kind of jobs have you had before?

My background is in the consumer electronics industry, where I’ve worked in multinational product development projects for over 15 years. During my career I’ve focused especially on product management, customization and user experience. In my previous role I managed global product variant configurations and worked on product lifecycle management in close collaboration with international sales teams, partners and manufacturers.

How did you end up at Variantum and why this job is a good fit for you?

I was contacted by Kimmo Karhu, the CEO of Variantum, and we got talking about the company and its interesting products. It seemed like my experience in offering management and variant configurations would be good fit to the team and I was offered a job. I really appreciate this opportunity to broaden my expertise and I’m thankful and excited about joining the Variantum team!

I’m impressed by the Variantum people, products and achievements of the company and look forward to getting involved with customer projects. Thanks to my previous experience in variant management with configurable products, I’m convinced about the benefits of the VariSuite offering management solution and how we can help customers to digitalize and automate their processes, increase customization capabilities, and improve sales and productivity.

What motivates you?

I value opportunities to develop myself as a person and as a professional and enjoy working together as a team towards a common goal. It is especially motivating when there is a possibility to make a difference and help customers to succeed.


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