Meet our people: Jaakko is back!

Our former summer worker Jaakko Visti joined our team again, this time the focus is on the diploma work!

Present yourself briefly please.

"My name is Jaakko Visti and I study mathematics at Aalto University. I’m already at the end of my studies as this is my fifth year. I already worked at Variantum last summer. This year I will develop tools that analyze configurable product models and help product developers to detect problems in the models before they go into production."

What kind of jobs have you had before?

"On top of working at Variantum, I have mainly had different kinds of summer jobs during high school and during my studies at Aalto."

How did you end up at Variantum?

"My friend Patrik who also studies at Aalto had been working at Variantum previously. He recommended the company for me, so last year I also applied for summer job at Variantum - and got it. This gave me the idea to do my diploma work at Variantum."

Why this job is a good fit for you?

"Variantum’s line of business supports the orientation of my studies, therefore it suits perfectly."

What is your funniest memory about working here last summer?

"Last year there were two of us working as summer trainees here. During July everybody but us were on vacation, and we got to test most of nearby lunch restaurants. I think I learned a lot during the summer; I was doing front-end development which was a completely new area for me!"

What motivates you?

"I enjoy learning new things, it is important for me to improve my skills. It is nice, if my work has an influence on business and I will develop as professional. In my opinion it is also important that the work is fun!"

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