Meet our people: summer 2020 trainees: Patrik, Jaakko and Josua

We are continuing the journey of getting to know our employees. This time you will meet our three funny summer workers, Patrik, Josua and Jaakko.

And case you want to throw yourself back to earlier introductions, you can find them here:

Tell us something about yourself?

Patrik: “I am a 24-year-old student from Aalto University. I study systems analysis and computer science. I am starting my second year of master’s studies this fall. My hobbies are circus and dancing and other sports, like for example playing tennis with my friends. At Variantum I work on data visualizations for the new web client.”

Josua: “I am studying in Aalto University too. I study computer science and mathematics for the third year. I love reading books and enjoy hiking whenever I get the chance and the weather is nice. We work with Jaakko to create interface for VariTrace.”

Jaakko: “I also study mathematics at Aalto. I am 23 years old and on my free time I like to train running, play StarCraft 2. I also play chess! I enjoy music and play the guitar.”


How did you end up working at Variantum this summer?

Patrik: “I actually heard about Variantum at an event in our school last year. This is my second summer working at Variantum.”

Josua: “I heard about the company from my girlfriend.”

Jaakko: “Patrik praised the company after last summer so I sent an application.”


What have the first weeks been like? 

Patrik: ”I have brushed up the things I learned last year, studied new coding languages and the database system. ”

Josua: ”It has been challenging learning a new job. The corona has made it more difficult to learn because there hasn’t been many other coders at the office. However, with a some adapting everything has gone well! 😊

Jaakko: ”First weeks have mainly been getting to know the new system.”

What do you look forward to doing this summer?

Patrik: ”I already know quite much and I hope to create something good. I also look forward to physicist spex summer day and on Midsummer I will go to my friends summer cottage.”

Josua: ”I hope that I will learn a lot of things that will be useful for other projects too and of course create something that will be useful for the company. I hope that this summer will be warm. We have been planning to go to Berlin with my girlfriend now that the borders are open! I will spend the Midsummer at a summer cottage with my friends.”

Jaakko: ”I want to learn to do front-end tasks faster and without help! I didn’t know if it would be possible to do anything this summer because of corona so I don’t really have any special plans. At least, I want to work on my 400 meter running time. And on Midsummer I will go to my summer cottage!”


Happy Midsummer from the whole Variantum crew!