Meet our people: Jorma Heimonen

Welcome back to Meet our people series. This time we introduce Jorma Heimonen, Co-founder and Senior PLM-specialist.

Present yourself briefly please.

"I am Jorma Heimonen. My present main task at Variantum is to be in charge of products and product roadmap. Additionally, I participate in pre-sales and selected customer projects in the architect role and help in various product development related tasks.

I am in my middle ages with wife and primary school aged children. My hobbies are classical singing (in choir and solo) and activities related to the family and to the old house were are living in."

What is your job history like?

"I studied industrial automation and industrial IT at Aalto University (HUT at the time). I have spent my entire professional career with PDM / PLM, product configuration and data management of configurable products, first in the industry and then at Variantum."

How did you end up at Variantum?

"I am co-founder of Variantum. In my previous workplace we were doing deep co-operation with the HUT product data management research group, and the idea of founding Variantum emerged in discussions with them. I decided to jump ships from a user organisation to developing new, innovative solutions for managing configurable products."

What is best about working at Variantum?

"Professionally, the most rewarding thing is to be able to innovate and develop new solutions that help our current and future customers to improve their business. As an engineer, I also enjoy learning a little bit about the technologies and processes our customers use in their products, ranging from door locks to factories producing pre-cast concrete elements, and from relatively small configurable products to huge systems that consist of hardware, software and services."

What is the atmosphere like?

"Variantum has a pretty relaxed, start-up like atmosphere with nice and intelligent people to work with."

How do you see the future?

"The digital transformation and forth industrial revolution has been going on during my entire career that started already in 1990's. It includes the digitalization of the entire supply chain, move from mass produced fixed products and project products towards configurable products as well as move from products to services. Different companies are in different stages of the transformation. In general, huge corporations with their huge resources have been able to make the move faster, whereas small and mid-sized companies often are still struggling with inefficient, manual ways of working.

My vision is that with Variantum's productized offering management system VariSuite, small and medium sized enterprises can reap the benefits of digitalization and benefit from the boost to productivity it gives to them."

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