Meet our people: Kauri

We are continuing the journey of getting to know our employees. Here is our last but not least summer worker: Kauri!

Hello! I am Kauri Pälsi and I am 18 years old. I finished high school this year and was lucky enough to be admitted to Aalto University straightaway.

I will be starting my studies in applied physics and mathematics in a month from now. I am looking forward to the various intriguing courses and interesting people. I enjoy combining technology with art and have been a hobbyist filmmaker, animator and game programmer for years. I like solving creative and technical challenges.

This is my third summer working at Variantum. I started when Variantum was looking for someone to create a demonstration project for their configurable 3D model system and I had the necessary skills in technical 3D modelling. Last summer, I worked with Patrik, who is also here this summer as a summer trainee, on product demonstrations combining self-built models and Variantum’s software. This year my assignment is quite different, producing marketing videos with the marketing assistant Venla.

The first summer it was exciting to get to know a totally new workplace, this year it was nice to see familiar faces as well as some new ones. It is always fun to learn new things. I look forward to making as professional material for the marketing team as I can.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and stay safe!

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