Meet our people: Paavo Porkka

We want to continue introducing our team and this time Venla interviewed our Paavo.

During these times, also this interview was done virtually..

Maybe you have already read the thoughts of our summer worker Venla? This time we would like to introduce Paavo Porkka, our Head of Customer Support, who started his journey at Variantum this year in February.

Tell us something about yourself?

“Hello! I am Paavo Porkka, Head of Customer Support at Variantum. I am 35-year-old and my family consists of my wife and two lovely children. On my free time I love to do different kind of sports, especially team sports and ball sports. If I had to choose one favorite it would be ice hockey. Many might also recognize me from LinkedIn because I am a very active user and interested in researching what kind of posts reach a lot of people and how people are interacting with eachother in the business oriented social media. I am also a friendly person and I like to chat with other people a lot in and out of office and it is easy for me to jump into all sorts of conversations.”

What is your job history like?

“I got interested in computers when I was a little boy, something like 4-year-old. After high school I got to the EVTEK University of Applied Sciences (later Metropolia) where I studied Information Technology and specialized in embedded systems engineering. After that I have worked with various customer care, service and support teams and done different kind of projects that have aimed to develop the business and customer experience.”

Why do you like working at Variantum?

“I was looking for new challenges after my longish +5 years’ experience at the latest role I had and Variantum seemed like a great place to learn new things. Variantum has an impressive product family and the whole area of business seemed interesting. I have always been curious to understand the business as a whole - so that it is easier to see the importance of my own job related to big picture, mission and future vision.”

What is the best thing about working at Variantum?

“I love that our team is so diverse, and we have all kinds of personalities working here. Despite of that it is easy to approach teammates and we always help each other no matter how complex tasks we’re solving.”

Where do you see Variantum in five years?

“Our goal is to grow internationally in the upcoming years, and I believe we’re at right track to make that happen. I also see us as a relevant ecosystem partner which helps companies to grow their existing ecosystems and connect new necessary ecosystems to their existing environment so that they can grow their business and make it more digital and up to date as a response to changing world. It will be interesting journey to co-operate with other leading world-class partners and providers to serve Global Customers!”

Thanks for the interview!

“Thank you and let’s hope for a sunny and warm summer with lots of swimming!”