Meet our people: Pasi Auramo

It's time to continue our journey of introducing the people at Variantum. This time we would like to introduce our Sales Executive Pasi Auramo.

Present yourself briefly

“I am Pasi Auramo. I call my family as a bonus-family since me and my wife have all together 4 children and 2 grandchildren. On my free time I like to be adventurous – I have tried almost everything you can imagine trying. I like to challenge my body and mind. I have been for example surfing, sailing, golfing, running marathons and playing football. Once I even was a hockey goalie since no-one else didn’t have the guts for it. I believe that it is fun to try everything!”

What would your family say if they had to describe you with a few words?

“They would probably compare me to a Duracell rabbit. :D I have a lot going on all the time, but I keep on to my promises.”

What is your job at Variantum and what is your job history like?

“I work at Variantum as a Senior Executive Sales. I started at IT-business 35 years ago, year 1983. I am lucky and thankful for the opportunities that I have got – I have had the chance of working in different places with different kinds of tasks. As in my personal life, in work life I have also wanted to do and try different kinds of things. I believe that my strong experience from various ICT business segment is my great professional strength.”

What is the best thing about working at Variantum?

“When I started working here, I was very positively surprised how excellent our experts are. They really know what they talk about! I also like that our company is very agile, and we work together for our common goals.”

What motivates you?

“Well, firstly, life is good! I enjoy living and gaining different kinds of experiences. I also think that it is good that we are all different and to learn about what different kind of people appreciate.”

Where do you see Variantum in five years?

“Variantum will be noticed and well-known offering management company. We have found our place in our niche as a respected service provider. I hope to be in this process making it happen!”

Thanks for the interview. Do you have any greetings for the readers?

“Let’s talk about offering management together, I am always open for a talk!”


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