Meet our people: Patrik joins Variantum again!

Our former summer worker Patrik Muhojoki joined our team once more, this time the focus is on the thesis!

Present yourself briefly please.

"My name is Patrik, and I am enthusiastic about problem solving, mathematics, coding, as well as my hobbies like circus and dancing. Currently, my main goal in life is to graduate as a master of science towards which I am working on by writing my thesis here at Variantum."

What kind of jobs have you had before?

"In addition to the two previous summers here at Variantum, I have worked in various jobs, like storage worker and research assistant."

How did you end up at Variantum?

“I first heard about the firm from our guild’s job-hunting event where various companies introduced themselves. In this event I applied for a position. Since this is my third time at Variantum, you could say that I have been enjoying my time here.”

Why this job is a good fit for you?

“Variantum allows me to use my studies for something practical and challenging. I have the opportunity to learn plenty of new skills and improve my thinking. My colleagues have a deep understanding about software developing, coding, and generally about everything that I am working on. This prevents unrealistic expectations for my work, which makes working here much more pleasant.”

What is your funniest memory about working here last summer?

"Working on front-end development for the first time resulted in some hilarious test pages and visual bugs."

What motivates you?

"Getting to see my development come to life, especially if the results are useful for my colleagues and customers. Having some freedom and work not being super serious all the time has a major contribution as well."

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