Meet our people: Patrik Pessi

Our R&D team has gained a new addition: now we introduce Patrik Pessi in Meet our people -series.

Present yourself briefly

My name is Patrik, and I am a creative developer from Kerava. I have a passion for minimal and functional designs, and I love creating all sorts of new things out of scratch. My hobbies include digital arts, programming, cooking, working out and going for small adventures whenever possible.

What kind of jobs have you had before? 

Before joining the research and development team at Variantum I used to work as a freelance graphics designer and web developer.

How did you end up at Variantum? 

While working freelance I wanted to shift more towards web development so I took up the quest of finding a job where I could use my existing design and development skills and learn something new. That’s when I heard from Vesa Kuusio at Variantum that they had an open front-end developer position which was exactly what I was looking for, so I applied for it and here I am. 

What have the first days been like?

The first days have been a little chaotic due to the rush of getting everything done before the end of the year. On the other hand, I feel like I’ve handled it well. I have learned a lot about the software solutions Variantum provides, and that there are endless use cases for them.

Why this job is a good fit for you? 

I think this job is perfect fit for me since I can use my existing designs skills while working on something new and learning from the best.