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Meet our people: Tanja Loppukaarre

This is the third chapter of "Meet our people" and this time Venla interviewed our Tanja.

This week we are introducing one of our team members again. Tanja Loppukaarre is our Head of Administration and she has been working at Variantum for a year now.

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Tell us something about yourself?

“I am Tanja Loppukaarre, the Head of Administration at Variantum. I started working at Variantum in May 2019, because I wanted to get new learning opportunities.

I have a lovely stepfamily – a husband, three daughters and an adopted, old cat Atlas. Being more like an active person it often feels like there could be more hours in the day. I am passionate about doing things with my hands, varying from gardening to decorating and small renovations. I also love to go to hiking, trying to jog 😊, attending yoga classes and go to live gigs every now and then.”

How would your family describe you?

“Being an emotional person, they would probably say that they can read me like an open book. I also love animals. Oh, and they would probably tell you to keep an eye on me because I might paint even your toothbrush with different colors if I got a chance!”

What is your job at Variantum?

“My job at Variantum puts together everything I have learned during my career. I take care of HR and financial matters (e.g. billing). I also take care of anything that needs to be taken care of like for example organize events, supervise the renovation of the office, arrange catering etc. I'm also making sure that there is enough coca-cola in our fridge. 😉

What makes you happy in your job?

“I enjoy doing things for common good that benefit everyone in our team and feel privileged to be able to do that, instead of just thinking about my own benefit or my own career. Not everyone has this possibility in their jobs.”

What do you see as your professional strength?

“I am self-driven and try my best to work with big heart, passion and persistence. I often think about ways of doing things better than before, but it is also important to remember that after all, we are only humans. I believe that business is based on feelings and soft skills between people and everyone in the work community should be valued, despite of what their job is. It is extremely important that the team works together for a common goal. I even see that it is the only way how business succeeds.”

What is working atmosphere at Variantum like?

I see us as a big and funny family! One time we even gave a name for our electric kettle…

Where do you see Variantum in 5 years?

“After working for IT-sector since 1998, the experience makes me convinced that our product portfolio is great and I currently I see Variantum as a “hidden gem”. In five years, the awareness of Variantum and its products is widely spread, and customers have really found us both in Finland and abroad. Digital transformation will happen even faster and Variantum will be seen more often in its role, being a reliable and strong partner in helping manufacturing companies not only achieving digitalization goals, but also in putting winning strategies together.”

Thank you for the interview. Do you have any greetings for the readers?

Thank You, Venla! I have this motto I heard from my daughter, by a famous YouTuber PewDiePie: “Don’t be a salad, be the best damn broccoli you could ever be!” But, let us be human without forgetting, what really is important in life.