Meet our people: Teemu Kaattari

Journey of meeting the people of Variantum continues. This time we would like to introduce our Head of Products, Teemu Kaattari.

Tell us something about yourself?
Hello! I am Teemu Kaattari, the Head of Products at Variantum. I have been working for Variantum for quite long, 8,5 years now.  
My family includes my wife and our two children, 17- and 13-year-olds. I have had a common hobby with my son because I have been coaching ice hockey for his team for 7 years now. I also enjoy doing other sports, some to mention - golf, tennis, orienteering, skiing, and jogging.

What would your family say if they had to describe you with a few words?
They would probably describe me as an out-going, honest, trustworthy, and positive person.
What is your job history like?
I studied aeronautics, computer aided engineering and industrial economics in Helsinki University of Technology. After that I have been working with different kinds of PLM and CAD/CAE systems since 1996. I would say I have a strong experience on that field of business.
Why have you chosen to work for Variantum?
Variantum is a very interesting company since we have special expertise in the field of configurable products and utilizing them in different parts of the company – like product development, sales, production and so on…
What motivates you? 
My workdays vary a lot – two days are never the same. Variantum and its products are developing day by day, which is important since the world is changing all the time.
What is challenging in your job? 
"Sometimes it is hard to put into
short words all the benefits that Variantum’s products clearly can give to the customers."
Where do you see Variantum in 5 years? 
"Variantum has grown and our products are more used all over the world. Companies have benefited from Variantum’s excellent solutions with faster quotation-order-delivery processes."
Thanks for the interview. Do you have any greetings for the readers? 
"We are the experts of mass customization and successful implementations with VariSuite. We should talk, especially if your company works or you are on the way to work with configurable products. It is proven that we can help you!"

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