Meet our people: Tommi

Welcome back to meet our people -series! This time you get to know our Software Engineer Tommi Syrjänen.

Present yourself briefly?
“I am Tommi Syrjänen and I have worked at Variantum for 11 years already. Before that I worked as a researcher at Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University). In my free time I am an amateur historian who researches things that catch my interest, ranging from 19th century criminals to late Medieval typography.”

What would your family say if they had to describe you with a few words?
“Silent. Industrious. Does a lot of different things.”

What is your job at Variantum?
“I work in a technical role. Over the years I have done almost anything that needs to be done, but nowadays I have two main roles: I design and build processes for our customers and help them to model their data using Variantum products. I also participate in development of Variantum’s core products as well as customer extensions and integrations.”

What is the best thing about working at Variantum?
“There are many different kinds of things to do and there is much freedom in designing how to do it.”

What motivates you?
“I like to find ways to solve complex problems.”

“Where do you see Variantum in 5 years?”
“Variantum has grown to become an important vendor of solutions that help companies manage their offerings of configurable products.”

Thanks for the interview. Do you have any greetings for the readers?

"Thank you! I would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas time!"


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