Meet our people: Venla Loimovuori

We have four new summer workers in our team this summer. One of them, Venla Loimovuori, started in the beginning of May. Here are Venla's thoughts on her new job:

Hello! I am Venla Loimovuori, a 22-year-old business student from Turku School of Economics. At Variantum I work as a marketing assistant and do all kinds of tasks varying from blog posts to organizing events. In my free time I recently started to train crossfit. Horseback-riding has also been my passion for many years. I also have a 5-month-old miniature schnauzer puppy called Lumi.

My story at Variantum started a little differently than with my previous summer jobs. This year I wanted to try a different way of job searching so I posted a CV-video to LinkedIn and Facebook. The video reached a lot of people and many of them also contacted me about a summer job. Kimmo Karhu, the CEO of Variantum oy, was one of them and we scheduled a meeting.

I chose to work at Variantum this summer because it seemed like a great place to learn. I can use my imagination and it is easy to share your own ideas at Variantum. I also get to take responsibility, which is challenging. IT-sector is a new takeover for me, and I look forward to new challenges!

The first days at Variantum have been a little strange due to the COVID19 situation. It is odd to start at a new job without being at the office and seeing the other coworkers. Luckily, we have already scheduled coffee breaks on Teams so that I can get to know others too and hopefully the situation will not last too long. At least there has been talk about going back to the office in a month. However, everyone who I have been able to meet up with have been very nice, helpful and welcoming!

Stay safe and have a great summer!

Venla Loimovuori

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