Meet our people: Ville Ollikainen

Welcome back to Meet our people series. Today it is time to meet our Ville Ollikainen who runs our KONE team.  

Present yourself briefly

I work as the KONE team lead at Variantum. In addition to that, I have worked on almost all parts of Variantum software, from back end to some UI work.
Outside of work, I like to play video games, ride my bike, and go downhill skiing. I also develop games and physics simulations as a hobby.

What is your job history like?

This is my first "real" job. Before this, I worked as a TA for the computer graphics course at Aalto University, and did a few internships at the research team there, as well as one summer at Nvidia Helsinki. I felt like I can get more done in a more concrete field, where my lack of a maths major doesn't matter as much.

How did you end up at Variantum?

I saw a job application online and applied here. I had never heard of the company and back then I didn't really understand what we do, but the people seemed nice enough to take the job. I've worked here for two years now and enjoyed the work. We get along well, so it's a pleasure to work here.

What is the best thing about working at Variantum?

Working as a team with great people to solve hard problems. It's great to see the finished product work after months of work. I hope that in the future we can also maintain this nice team spirit while the company grows.”

Do you have any greetings for the readers?

The summer holidays are almost here, soon it's time to relax!

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