Offering Management as a key driver for business growth

Variantum was featured in an Offering Management article Kauppalehti Optio in May 2019. offers now the whole article in English. Enjoy!


Take control of your full product and service management with a system covering all your company’s departments and lasting for a full business life cycle.


Individual needs of customers and meeting them as effectively as possible are vital principles for a company in today’s increasingly developing operating environment. While manufacturing companies focus on their competitiveness and developing their service business, service companies differentiate from their competitors with customized portfolios.


According to Kimmo Karhu (CEO, Variantum), “Companies already possess systems for product information and sales management. However, the information in these systems is often scattered and difficult to utilize; the process as a whole remains uncovered.”


Variantum, the software company pioneering product management and configuration, solves the problem with their Offering Management System. It provides all the necessary information on a business life cycle from development to production and from sales to administration.


“We have expanded the product life-cycle management to include the whole product selection - this is the essence of Offering Management. It consists of everything the company designs, manufactures and sells to its customers.”


“Traditionally, the product life-cycle management is based on the context around the physical product. What we offer our customers, is a combination of product, software and service - the only solution on the market that covers everything from the initial idea to sustained service.”


The CPQ solution allows faster offers, automates pricing and eliminates manually made errors in sales. “With its assistance, the designs are easier to sell and their manufacturing is reliable.”




Enterprise Resource Planning systems are becoming more common, making them ineffectual in terms of competitive advantage in the market. According to Karhu, adding the extra value has transferred to the field of product management.


With Offering Management, companies can provide their customers with high-class, individually customized, life-cycle managed services faster than before. Some of our customers’ size of the production batch is one.


Variantum is not necessarily intending to replace the existing product management systems in companies, but rather to bring new abilities alongside. “We help companies to develop their current offering, with an option of utilizing our product beside their existing systems,” Karhu concludes.

Offering Management adds value for competitiveness


  • Every stage under control: R&D - Sales - Production - Maintenance
  • Ability to combine the product, the software and the service as one
  • The faster way to the market for new products
  • Paying close attention to individual customer needs
  • Efficiency and ability to provide customized mass products
  • Make offers faster and without errors