Our Summer Trainee Venla

When I was looking for a summer job, I wanted to do something very different than I had been doing before. I ended up at Variantum through my connections. I did a few different projects, all related to the sales configurator. I created an excel from the given information and modeled the excel to the configurator. First I had to learn to do the excel correctly, so I created one from the Lego Mustang toy car. It was indeed very interesting to see your work on the configurator. Once I was confident with the excel, I did a bigger project. After that, I also did one smaller project for a customer.


The most interesting part was to see what working in an IT-company can be and how variable working on this line of business is. It was also very rewarding to create something concrete from "nothing" and see my learning and progression during the processes. I learned a lot and of course, had a good time. Variantum has truly a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere to work in. Everyone is easily approachable and you can ask help from anyone if you have any doubts. Everyone is open-minded and made me feel from the start that my opinion made a difference.


I get my motivation from several sources, but mostly from my friends, family, teachers, etc. people around me. It makes me super motivated when I see people reach their dream and success, hoping that I can do the same someday. As an example, I'm going to apply to medical school after high school, so I follow lots of medical students on Instagram. Every time they post something about their studies it makes me want to study twice as hard just so I can fulfill my dreams one day just like them.