Over 10 years of co-operation with global leader KONE and story continues

Our dear customer, KONE, is over 100 years old company. It is one of the most known global players and a leader in elevator market globally. We started co-operation in PLM business with Kone already back in 2009.

Kone released recently great news about winning an order in Shenzhen, China in their press release December 22nd 2020. We want to congratulate our customer for this exciting news!

How Variantum supports KONE with their business?

According to KONE’s CIO, Mr. Antti Koskelin, “Variantum’s technology has been instrumental in KONE product lifecycle management. KONE has achieved significant improvement in the time to market and order to delivery processes of complex configurable products.” Mr. Koskelin has also commented on Variantum’s technology performance and the partnership they have developed, “Variantum technology has proven to be high performance and we are extremely satisfied with Variantum’s level of expertise and loyalty as a trusted partner.”
Over the last ten years, KONE has implemented a number of Variantum solutions and capabilities, including VariPDM, VariProd, VariTrace and VariConf. Being one of Variantum’s key and oldest accounts, KONE has benefited from a very close relationship a bi-directional collaboration.

We are looking forward to continuing co-operation with Kone 2021.

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What is offering management?

An offering is a product, software or service that is offered for sale and due to digital distribution, every company must rethink theirs. Offering Management is the solution to this - reimagining what and how you can sell, produce, and provide services for your offerings. Offering Management manages the full product life cycle of an offering, including the validated requirements; the defined business model; and configuration capabilities for mass-customization, marketing, sales, production, services, and support. Read more business case examples from offeringmanagement.com

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