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Patrik Muhojoki, Summer trainee

Name and Role

My name is Patrik and I study mathematics and computer science in Aalto University. As a balance to the sciences, my hobbies are built around different performing arts, like circus and dancing. I am a summer trainee at Variantum.

What do I do?

My focus at Variantum is to find and build new tools for managing data in the database.

How can we find new information from the data? How can we make the data more accessible and user-friendly?

In addition to the data sciences, I develop improved visualizations for demonstrating Variantum software.

What’s a normal day like at Variantum as a trainee?

It is not straight forward to describe a normal day at Variantum, since my projects have plenty of versatility and freedom. One day I’m working on a Lego robot, the other day I am coding while I could be studying some other time.