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Product release: VariCPQ Basic

Comprehensive Plug-and-Play Sales configurator for Salesforce

Released: 9.6.2020

VariCPQ Basic is an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement sales configurator integrated to Salesforce.

Companies can edit and maintain sales model in excel in Salesforce. Excel modelling rules cover up most of the configuration and User Interface rules with grouping options, dependencies, languages and prices.

Extend your Salesforce lightning experience with VariCPQ Basic:

  • Web and mobile easy-to-use dynamic interface guides user to select only allowed product combinations and secures that offered product follows company rules. User interface adopts automatically to the sales model and calculates price after each selection.
  • EXCEL Product modelling is easy and Zero-cost-project approach means that companies can do installation and configuration to Salesforce without external organizations help. After installation just edit couple of settings and edit product model in excel.
  • After configuration in VariCPQ it returns price and configuration status to opportunity product into Salesforce. Reconfiguration is possible, if user wants to change product selections later on or if customer wants to optimize product price.

VariCPQ Basic benefits

  • Cost-effective product configurator for Salesforce
  • Fast to implement, installation is automated from Appexchange and salesforce admin can add Excel to product and modify settings
  • Comprehensive rule-engine to manage most of the product rules
  • Easy modeling, if you know your product and Excel, that’s it
  • Automated multilanguage user-interface generation based on Excel
  • VariCPQ AI analyses product rules and price after each selection
  • Easy-to-use interface where product selections can be done in any order
  • Tight integration to Salesforce, price, selections and status are returned to opportunity. VariCPQ Basic uses Salesforce user accounts
  • Possibility to extend VariCPQ Enterprice if more advanced features needed

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“VariCPQ Basic appears to offer companies a very flexible, powerful, and low cost of ownership sales configurator for Salesforce customers."
—Stan Przybylinski, Vice President, CIMdata, Inc.

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Variantum Oy is Finnish privately held company which helps companies to become customer-centric through smart process automation and true offering configurability. Respond to a wider demand faster with high precision and profitability through Variantum Offering Management software suite. Offering Management is a set of tools and methods that improve business performance through automated collaboration of Sales, Production, R&D and Maintenance in any organization.

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