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Product release: VariSales Basic

An easy-to-use and easy-to-manage sales configurator and quote tool

Released: 14.5.2020

Variantum - The Leading Offering Management company has released a new product, VariSales Basic, Simplified CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) solution into Variantum’s CPQ product family.

VariSales Basic is an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage sales configurator and quote tool which covers most of the needs in configurable products offering.

VariSales Basic is developed for companies, who want to have effectiveness for creating offers and build products with pricing rules themselves. After cloud installation, companies can implement sales configurator options and rules with adjustable user interface with Excel, offer letter templates with Word and offer options and selections with web-based administrator interface.

VariSales Basic supports products that have base price and feature-based-pricing with product options with multilanguage user-interface and currency options. User-interface is defined together with product options and grouping. End-user can select product options in any order, VariSales Basic AI will analyse product option dependencies and calculates price after each selection. User interface helps end-user to show possible selections and guides in case customer needs are not compatible with the product. Quoting contains customer and offer status handling, offer tasks with Outlook calendar and offer letter generation.

VariSales Basic confirms, that:

  • Offer prices follows company pricing rules
  • Offered products follows product (and production) rules
  • Unifies company offer letter content
  • Increase sales efficiency

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About Variantum

Variantum Oy is Finnish privately held company which helps companies to become customer-centric through smart process automation and true offering configurability. Respond to a wider demand faster with high precision and profitability through Variantum Offering Management software suite. Offering Management is a set of tools and methods that improve business performance through automated collaboration of Sales, Production, R&D and Maintenance in any organization.

Our software suite drives benefits across your delivery chain from R&D and Sales to Production and Maintenance. VariSuite is a modular product family that supports efficient integrations to most ERP, CRM, MES and CAD systems or can be used as your core PDM system.

“Variantum’s comprehensive approach ensures that a company’s configurable product definitions are understood, compatible, and available to sales, engineering, production, and throughout the maintenance lifecycle"
—Peter Bilello, President & Chief Executive Officer, CIMdata, Inc.