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Smart Excel sales configurator with guiding web interface and inference engine

Many companies use Excel to develop their first ideas for a simple product configurator.

Although Excel is a good tool for defining product options and price calculations, you need something more when you want to build a user friendly interface and support free selection order or dependencies between different selectable options.

Learn how you can use Excel for product definition and get web user interface and inference engine to guide product selection and get the updated price all the time. If you know your product and Excel, that’s all you need to start using VariSales Basic sales configurator. It can be also used with Salesforce or MS Dynamics 365 as well with VariCPQ Basic.

1. Define your product into Excel sheet

  1. Product with grouped selectable options and default values
  2. Add labels and info texts to product options with different languages
  3. Add prices for base product and selectable options
  4. Add rules between product options

2. Save it to VariSales admin with product picture or into CRM

3. Create an offer and start using your product configurator

When there is a need to manage offer templates with MS Word, that also supported.

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