Sustainability at Variantum

Variantum office is enjoyable to work in for various reasons. One obvious reason is the green walls that purifies the air employees breathe. With pure and fresh air, we at Variantum can focus on our daily work while the green walls take care of the air we breathe.

Sustainability can also be noticed in the absence of single use cups. Plastic cups are not in use as, we know, they take years to break down. Employees use mugs and glasses as it doesn’t take long to wash them.

As Variantum wants to promote sustainability, we encourage our employees to use public transport, cycling or walking to and from work. Greener commute gets us in better shape, save time and stress, give time to read and save money.

Moreover, we make sure we print only relevant documents and the two-sided printing is set as default.

There are many ways sustainability is noticed, and we constantly strive to become greener.