Sustainability is the new black

How to develop your business to be more sustainable?

Sustainability might not be the main business driver yet, but it is still a factor when ranking consumer behavior. It is expected that its influence on consumer behavior will grow in the upcoming years.

No company will survive without the knowledge of its influence on nature in the future because laws and regulations will be tightened and saving the planet is a shared responsibility of all of us. Product lifecycle management is an important way of handling sustainability. Managing the sustainable choices starts from the product engineering phase, what kind of choices affect the carbon footprint and what choices could be more responsible? As all the data of the product is managed in the same product data management (PDM) system, it is also easy to use the information for example in sustainability reporting.

Sustainability development is a worldwide issue. We are all responsible for a better tomorrow. Many actions have already been taken but there is still a lot to do. Collaboration between different companies and research organizations gives an opportunity for more resource-effectiveness. Recent studies have been concerned with a Green Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategy where the entire supply chain is managed to support sustainability and it needs to be considered when talking about sustainable product development. It is important to notice that for the Green PLM strategy all companies that are involved in the production process and its development must be sustainability-driven.

Green manufacturing has four critical impact factors: social aspects, energy, environment, and economics. Considering a green PLM strategy manufacturing is the most important place to start the development since most of the greenhouse gases emissions and waste come from this phase. However, the whole strategy is new, and the researchers aim that it will be the key issue for the next generation of manufacturing enterprises.

How does this concern Variantum? With Variantum’s Offering Management point of view, any company can take their offering under control from designing & engineering to distribution and maintenance. You will be able to manage the whole product lifecycle. Offering Management also suggests that at some point all companies could transform their offering into subscription service. Offering Management is also a way of making your business run more effectively and reducing errors which enhances the use of resources.

VariSuite-software by Variantum is an Offering Management system that combines product development, configure-price-quote, order-to-manufacture and installed base processes and functionalities. With VariSuite you enhance processes and can achieve results quickly regardless of your product or industry.