The “new normal” - time to reimagine your business?

We are living in times that we have never seen before. It seems like everything is uncertain, and it is challenging to know what will happen in the future or how long this will last. It might be even so that this is the “new normal,” and there is no going back.

For businesses, this means that it is impossible to continue without adapting to the new situation. Three problems are crucial to be solved to survive during these times. These include working in the online environment, an effective way of finding information inside the company, and finding a way to make investments and plans for the future.

The first and most obvious change is that everything happens online. In the old world, it was easy just to go and ask your colleagues for help - now we are doing everything distantly. I cannot help but wonder how this will affect people in the long term. Humans are social creatures, and now we are only staring at the screen all day long. Also, how many good ideas are left in the dark because it is not as easy to communicate those? Also, all the data need to be available and up to date for everyone who needs it in the company - it is not efficient to use a lot of time searching for information. It might be an excellent time to invest in an easy-to-use Product Data Management (PDM) system or guiding Sales Configurator (CPQ) system, which supports remote working inside and outside the company’s ecosystem.

Especially now that we are moving towards the wintertime, which here in the Nordics means “the dark time” of the year, how will we survive without social contacts? How will this affect the motivation and mental health of working people? I fear that there will be longsighted influences of these times and the decisions that we are forced to make for keeping the risk groups safe.

On the other hand, it would be vital that companies would make investments for the future. We know now that it is evident that Covid-19 will affect the economy, but how much and for how long is still unclear. However, it is challenging for companies to make decisions regarding the future when everything is uncertain. Restrictions and other things change so often that it is challenging to plan a long-term strategy. However, there are also different sides to this, can there even be something good in that companies need to learn to adapt to new situations fast and be more agile?

There are so many sides to this matter that it is not easy to write one blog post that covers it all. However, I hope that this gives us a new perspective for the future, and we will be back stronger than ever after Covid-19. By working together – sharing ideas and coming up with new solutions – we can also get through this. The humankind has always found a way to survive through difficult times so we will figure this out this one too.

I want to wish everyone a joyful autumn time!

Venla Loimovuori