Variantum – a pioneer in data driven offering management for configurable products

Variantum creates success stories. We help our customers to deliver competitive mass-customizable products and services to their customers. Our offering covers the entire management of the product life cycle. We improve our Customer’s efficiency in product design, sales configuration, production configuration and maintenance. Our customers can choose from our modular product family a module that meets the specific needs, which work together or separately with the same database no matter if customer is using on-premise or open cloud services. We’re able to deliver these solutions on full SAAS based model as well! VariSuite applications supports integrations over modern APIs.

VariPDM – a versatile and dynamic data management system – the backbone of our Offering

VariPDM improves product information management especially for configurable products and it can handle any product or service in your offering. The system have been developed to take into account the information management of configurable needs from end to end. VariPDM contains the most common areas of PDM: document and change management, planning tools and integration management of the data. VariPDM is the most flexible system on the market, with a data model, processes interfaces that can be dynamically modified. VariPDM scales up to companies of any size. The system also has the most flexible access rules management, so that external organizations can be integrated to be a part of entire data management. VariPDM can be used to manage company product models, even if the company would already have a PDM in place, in which case the bi-modal PDM solution makes sure that basic product models are created in standard PDM and all configured product models are managed in VariPDM.

VariProd – a scalable and versatile production and document configurator

VariProd works with VariPDM so that product models that are designed in VariPDM will be executed in VariProd in a scaled way. Configuration rules are versatile and, if necessary, rules can be expanded even further with scripting capabilities. Production configuration is required to configure the manufacturing structure with all in order to prepare the product. VariProd can be used to generate other structures, e.g. Delivery/logistics/installation structures or manufacturing and structural documents based on the product individual.

VariSales – a powerful sales and offering tool (Sales Configurator, CPQ, Configure-Price-Quote)

VariSales is a web-based and mobile-enabled sales configurator and offer tool, which enhances the company's bid-to-order process to be more efficient. Sales representatives can easily and quickly configure the to be offered product or solution when the system only offers approved product choices at the same time as when prices and/or delivery times are calculated in real time. Using 3D visualization it makes it also very concrete to show what kind of end result such configuration would make for the product. VariSales creates required offering documents and it can be integrated with necessary CRM or other background systems as well. Sales team can themselves maintain product and price and offer letter configuration which speeds up the necessary changes in end to end setup of the full product configuration. VariSales also operates in on-line and off-line mode.

VariTrace – information management for maintenance, repair and services to improve the efficiency of the aftermarket

VariTrace maintains post-delivery product information at the individual level of condition. For example it could know when the product spare parts are required, or the product is to be maintained or modernized, you can easily find up-to-date information throughout the product's life cycle. With VariTrace the necessary maintenance and repair services can be configured as well and product individual can influence how service will be configured and delivered. VariTrace can be integrated with maintenance systems or IoT, allowing accurate individual data to be combined with other systems. VariTrace also makes it easier to analyze the whole installed base or delivered items.

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