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“Variantum’s comprehensive approach ensures that a company’s configurable product definitions are understood, compatible, and available to sales, engineering, production, and throughout the maintenance lifecycle"
—Peter Bilello, President & Chief Executive Officer, CIMdata, Inc.

Our world is changing faster than ever due to the incredible innovation and unprecedented technological change.

Digitalization, AI, robotics, and Internet of Things are transforming the markets with speed never seen before. Customer-centricity has been identified as the driving force for companies who are willing to succeed in today´s rapidly changing business environment.

You can see this change in our everyday lives: shopping via voice command, autonomous cars and smart devices connected to buildings that keep you connected and always-on. People are not just connected to each other, but also with the companies who provide us services across every industry. The whole buyer behaviour is evolving. Ecommerce giants have set the standards for service and delivery high and personalized service is the new normal. This will break the barriers between B2C and B2B. For example, company providing elevators and escalators moves over 1B people each day. They can anticipate service needs and provide digital services during the elevator ride to create even more seamless consumer experience. This creates endless opportunities for companies to sell more to clients both on B2C and B2B markets. On the other hand, personalization drives offering complexity, the number of offerings consisting physical software and service components is increasing. Delivering complex offerings and personalization generates manual labour and overhead across departments. It eventually increases the whole offering complexity.

Is your company selling multiple variations of services, products, or solutions to your customers?

What is Offering Management?

Offering Management is re-imagining what and how you can sell, produce and provide services for your offerings. Offering Management manages the full product life cycle of an offering, including the validated requirements; the defined business model; and configuration capabilities for mass-customization, marketing, sales, production, services and support.

Why Offering Management is important?

To help you out here a bit, do these questions sound familiar?

  • How will your business change in the following years?
  • Which products or innovations or services will provide the highest business values in the future?
  • How to make buying and selling easy?
  • How the ecosystem technologies and connected software will affect your profits?

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Our Portfolio

Our Offering Management portfolio is a complete toolset to enable your business growth. The offering lifecycle spans sales, engineering, production, and maintenance processes. Variantum´s portfolio enables the access and tools & fit for purpose software for a company producing multiple variations of products, software, or services.

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