Variantum wants to thank our summer workers of 2020

Great job all of you!

Since September has now begun, it also means that summer is over, schools have started, and our summer employees went back to school to continue their studies. Let us hope that it is possible to meet other students too and not just study remotely from home! 

We want to say our warm greetings to our summer workers: Kauri, Josua, Patrik and Jaakko. You all did an excellent job for the whole summer and we hope to see you working for Variantum in the future!

Venla will continue working for us as a part time Marketing Specialist even though she is moving to Sweden to continue her master’s studies in Lund University. Most probably we will hear her thoughts on working distantly and studying at the same time later this fall!  

Once again, thank you and have a great school semester all of you! 

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