eLearning platform: VariSuite Overview

A while ago we launched our eLearning platform. Did you know that you can learn to use our products there, whenever it suits you best? Learning can be easy, playful, and fun!

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VariSuite is the Leading Offering Management system. With VariSuite you will enhance your company’s way of working and fulfill the specific customer needs easier. Its unique approach is being the glue between the traditional silos of Sales, Engineering, Production and Maintenance. It combines product development, configure-price-quote, order-to-manufacture, and installed base processes and functions. With the help of VariSuite, your company's data and files can be moved automatically between different systems, which reduces manual work and makes the processes more efficient.

In the VariSuite Overview -course, we will walk you through the different modules of our VariSuite software and let you know all the benefits and functionalities. You will learn everything you need to know to use Varisuite in approximately 30 minutes.

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