We have signed partnership agreement with Seligent Consulting.

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a partnership agreement with Seligent Consulting. Variantum and Seligent Consulting will work in cooperation to provide PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) consultation. The partnership will enable both parties to improve the efficiency of client rollouts and integrations while creating the environment for further systems development.

Variantum believes that any company should be able to easily sell the products that their customers want, regardless of the complexity. To do this, they have developed a modular system that complements existing systems and simplifies the product offerings across the whole product lifecycle. Doing so, allows greater visibility across the whole organisation allowing for more accurate pricing, improved product processes and a clear digital product offering.  

Seligent Consulting is an international company with offices in Pune, India, Stockholm, Sweden and Washington DC in the USA. They have spent many years assisting customers from different Industries in implementing data management solutions. They offer a wide range of product, productivity and consultancy tools that make it easier to realize the value from Enterprise Data Management solutions. “We bring deep expertise in the enabling technologies of these tools and consulting experience to this partnership with Variantum. Our collaboration will enhance our agility in serving our customers in Europe and beyond” says Seligent’s CEO, Prashant Ganu.

“Variantum is one of the few companies in the world which can handle product data management, sales and product configuration, all in one system, so the agreement with Seligent is an excellent opportunity to expand our influence around the world” says Variantum’s CEO, Kimmo Karhu.