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Are you Salesforce customer or consultant? Have you faced the issue that Salesforce is not fulfilling the needs for Configure-Price-Quote functionalities?

Did you knew that there is a sophisticated excel based CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) extension for Salesforce in the market called VariCPQ that is killer easy to take in use and maintain the product features, options, and prices on the go!

We have a challenge to you!

If you can introduce a new Company for our VariCPQ and they'll continue using it after trial period, we'll give you a gift card to Amazon 100€ per introduced new Company!

This deal is available until end of May 2021 or until VariCPQ have reach next 100 new companies.

How does it work in practice?

  1. You inform the company who should test VariCPQ or help them to start using it from Salesforce AppExchange
  2. Then you inform us that you've introduced Company X for VariCPQ and send email to with your contact information details
  3. We will then follow-up that the usage continues after the trial period and let you know if you got the deal!

VariCPQ in a nutshell:

  • Web and mobile easy-to-use dynamic interface guides user to select only allowed product combinations and secures that offered product follows company rules. User interface adopts automatically to the sales model and calculates price after each selection.
  • EXCEL Product modelling is easy and Zero-cost-project approach means that companies can do installation and configuration to Salesforce without external organizations help. After installation just edit couple of settings and edit product model in excel.
  • After configuration in VariCPQ it returns price, selected features and configuration status to opportunity product into Salesforce. Reconfiguration is possible if changes to product selections are needed e.g. customer wants to optimize product price.

More challenging CPQ needs with Salesforce?

If product or pricing rules, product visualization, offer letter or product specification are more complicated than VariCPQ offers, please contact We reward you from these leads as well.

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