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How to define a modular and configurable product model

Every product could have been customized when it was created by R&D. When product parameters were fixed, possibilities to meet customer needs were limited. Now R&D can define the spectrum of variables in a product model and let the customer choose what they need.

We help you to turn your product architecture into a configurable product model. First define the modules and components that are the building blocks of your product. Then add the interfaces, rules and constraints between the entities. The product model defines all the possible variants that your product can have. The product model is defined into VariPDM.

The product model helps you to automate testing and validation of your product. It also helps to manage the compatability of your solution.

  • Target a wider market

  • Faster time-to-market of product variants

  • Reduce errors and quality costs during product life cycle

  • The product model is the digital twin of your product

  • Automated product testbed

  • Test your product before production starts

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