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Service and maintain configurable products

Boost your service business by managing your installed base and configuring smart service solutions to your existing customers.

We help you to store the contents of your delivered configured products. They are the digital twins of your deliveries. Remote monitoring and control application need the digital twin information to offer a complete picture of your installed base.

By managing your installed base, you can improve the efficiency of your service operations, meet regulatory material compliance requirements and sell more to your existing customers.

  • Pre-emptive maintenance reduces service costs

  • Improved efficiency of service operations

  • Platform for IoT (Internet of Things) applications

  • Open interfaces

  • Scalability and high performance

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Kirja tutustuttaa lukijan konfiguroitaviin tuotteisiin ja tuotetiedon hallintaan liittyviin käsitteisiin ja opastaa esimerkein niiden käyttöä tuotteen elinkaareen liittyvissä prosesseissa kuten tuotekehityksessä, -konfiguroinnissa, tuotannossa ja tuotetiedon hallinnassa.

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