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VariCPQ Basic - an easy-to-use sales configurator integrated to Salesforce

What is VariCPQ Basic?

VariCPQ Basic is an easy-to-use sales configurator integrated to Salesforce.

After VariCPQ Basic has been installed from AppExchange, product administrators can edit and attach sales models as Excel documents to Salesforce.


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All data for a sales model (product options, constraints, prices and user interface settings) is represented as an Excel document and saved to Salesforce product. A configurator user interface is generated automatically from the sales model using Variantum web service.

Whenever a user modifies selections for product options, the tool checks the configuration rules  and guides the user to select valid product combinations. The tool also updates the feature-based price of the product after each option modification.

VariCPQ Basic uses Salesforce user accounts and returns price, technical summary and configuration status back to Salesforce opportunity.

VariCPQ Basic Benefits

  • Cost-effective product configurator for Salesforce
  • Fast to implement, installation is automated from Appexchange and salesforce admin can add Excel to product and modify settings
  • Comprehensive rule-engine to manage most of the product rules
  • Easy modeling, if you know your product and Excel, that’s it
  • Automated multilanguage user-interface generation based on Excel
  • VariCPQ AI analyses product rules and price after each selection
  • Easy-to-use interface where product selections can be done in any order
  • Tight integration to Salesforce, price, selections and status are returned to opportunity. VariCPQ Basic uses Salesforce user accounts
  • Possibility to extend VariCPQ Enterprice if more advanced features needed

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“VariCPQ Basic appears to offer companies a very flexible, powerful, and low cost of ownership sales configurator for Salesforce customers."
—Stan Przybylinski, Vice President, CIMdata, Inc.