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VariCPQ Enterprise - configure advanced products in Salesforce!

Extend your Salesforce with the most versatile and flexible Premium Sales Configurator (CPQ - Configure Price Quote)
VariCPQ Enterprise - The most modern and versatile Sales Configurator for Salesforce!

VariCPQ Enterprise is developed to satisfy even the widest needs for advanced sales configuration within a Salesforce opportunity. It has the most extensive product and pricing rule capabilities in the market. User interface and visualization guide the end user to make right selections in real-time. Multilingual offer letters and product specifications can be generated and saved in Salesforce. All configuration rules and user interfaces are defined as data that can be managed by companies themselves. This will lead to a very low-cost-of-ownership and allows a company of any size to make rapid changes without external resources.

After the user has configured a product with VariCPQ Enterprise, it returns the selected product features, price, and configuration status back to the Salesforce opportunity.

VariCPQ Enterprise can be extended to engineering, production, and maintenance to keep product models consistent inside the company processes. It has a modern API (REST/JSON) for easy integration with other systems.



For simpler products check also VariCPQ Basic that is available from Salesforce AppExchange.

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Save Time

VariCPQ Enterprise sales configurator and quote tools saves time and make sales and offering process faster with configurable products.

It reduces manual work phases during product selection, offer letter creation and offer iteration together with customer.

Be the first who offers

VariCPQ Enterprise helps salesperson’s daily work by fulfilling the customer need in Salesforce with your product, get the correct price, visualizing product and to create correct offers and product specifications quicker.

When customer requests to change offer content VariCPQ Enterprise will allow you to reconfigure changes easily and fast!

Simplify the complex

VariCPQ Enterprise is high-end CPQ solution for Salesforce which means products can be complex or dynamical, like whole production line without limits.

It helps companies to master the complexity of sellable products or solutions with the range of product and pricing rules, product model definition possibilities and handling product versions over the time.

Manage offering yourself

In VariCPQ Enterprise, product, price, user-interface and all configurable product dependencies are modeled with the data.

This means company can manage product and price rules themselves which offers low-cost-of-ownership and enable quick changes to company offering.

Easy and guiding user experience

VariCPQ Enterprise user interface is designed to help salesperson daily tasks. It guides user to select only allowed product options and calculates price after each selection – in any selection order – and shows to end-user what options are still possible.

This will help companies to educate products to sales teams, salespersons or resellers, to work with products and help communication with the customer. It will help onboarding with new users.

Visualize your products to customer

VariCPQ Enterprise visualization is helping to show detailed offering information during sales process, especially if look-a-like is important.

VariCPQ Enterprise offers different levels of visualization:

  • 2D-images
  • Dynamic 2D (layered images)
  • 3D with changeable components and surface/color changes
  • Real-time 3D representation where user can rotate or zoom and product selections and dimensions will change 3D model.

Amplify your visual brand identity

In case Salesforce offer letter creation is not covering all the needs, you can use standardized offer creation increases quality secures brand identity. Company can offer letter templates company can manage themselves.

Offer letter can be  generated  manually or automatically depending on your process.

Optional offer letter for any kind of offers

Multilingual offer letter content is generated based on offer language selection and offer content: Customer information, terms and conditions, offer rows including e.g. Descriptions, quantities, product or component technical features prices and discounts. Structural product and pricing is included.

Generate product specification in real-time

Multilingual product specification is generated based on offer row structure. Language is selected based on offer language selection, row’s or sub-row’s product or component information is used to find correct document language version to be unified as one product specification document and attached to Salesforce opportunity.


VariCPQ Enterprise is connected to Salesforce with standard integration and Salesforce authentication.

VariCPQ Enterprice can be integrated to also other system, e.g. ERP with REST API (JSON).


VariCPQ Enterprise is a part of VariSuite, you can extend to other process improvements in the same database.


VariCPQ Enterprise Customer Success Story: read more here.

Customer Success story with SteraLux

Main benefits with VariCPQ Enterprise

  • Salesforce improvement: More correct offers with smaller sales cost with seamless sales configurator that guides any product pricing, visualization and rules with awesome user experience
  • Quality: Sales can offer only proven product combinations with fast and accurate quote generation
  • Low-cost: Company can manage real-time product model, user interface and optionally quote templates themselves if Salesforce quotes are not suitable – no need for coding or external resources
  • Manage complexity: Product model complexity and Pricing rules combined and are the most extensive in the market– no functional limitation
  • Intuitive: Easy-to-use interface is intuitive, where selections can be done in any order, inference engine analyses product combinations and price after each selection
  • Multilingual: user interface, offer documents and product specifications attached to Salesforce opportunity
  • Multipricing: Several pricing rules for your model supports different pricing needs for different customers or segments
  • Visual: Visualization supports your offering and customer needs, either 2D or 3D
  • Integrability: WEB API helps you to integrate VariCPQ Enterprise to any system e.g. ERP

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