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VariPDM Basic - easy-to-use Product Data Management system with product configurator

What is VariPDM Basic?​

  • VariPDM Basic is an out-of-the-box and easy-to-use PDM (Product Data Management) system with product configurator, which implementation and basic setup is done with data in few days.​
  • Basic system is designed to handle basic PDM functionality from engineering to production.​
  • VariPDM Basic is flexible, web user interface settings, product modeling and access rights are managed with data. Data model changes can be done online with admin-tool. ​
  • VariPDM Basic can be used inside and out-side company because flexible user access mechanism.​
  • Personalization is managed by user or key-user.​
  • VariPDM Basic has integration to MS office and most CADs and systems like ERP using API​
  • Cloud-installation to AWS which capacity can be increased if needed​
  • VariPDM Basic is scalable and extendable to VariPDM Enterprise.

VariPDM Basic is extendable to VariSuite

  • VariSales 
    • (Configure-Price-Quote) sales-configurator and quote tool to improve offering process and CRM integration and to automate offer-delivery process
  • VariTrace
    • To manage installed base data to support service organization nees to follow individual products during it’s lifecycle in use and to track product changes (service part changes, configuration changes...)

Why should you choose VariPDM Basic?

  • VariPDM is out-of-the-box PDM with standard functionality and integrations
  • Out-of-the-box includes extreme configurator capabilities where product model is modeled with data and configured with easy-to-use user interfaces
  • VariPDM Basic support combined product and production configuration development
  • Implementation is basically adding users (with roles) and change settings like item id and document id counters with data
  • User interfaces are easy-to-use, changeable and configurator interface adopted to product rules
  • Design tool integrations allows users to search, create and edit data from design tools
  • Companies can add attributes, classifications and change data model themselves
  • Users and key-users can change user searches, views and settings
  • Access rights are extensive and allows sharing and access data to any user
  • API is included
  • VariPDM Basic can be extended to VariPDM Enterprise and full VariSuite

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