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VariPDM - Product Data Management

VariPDM is a modern and scalable solution designed to shorten lead time for product development, especially for configurable products with flexible user interface and data model. With open APIs it can be integrated to any system.

VariPDM has been designed to be a modular and flexible PDM backbone - the underlying software upon which Variantum has built its solutions

Every product could have been built configurable when it was created by R&D. When product parameters were fixed, possibilities to meet customer needs were limited. Now R&D can define the spectrum of variables in a product model and let the customer choose what they need.

With VariPDM you can turn your product architecture into a configurable product model.

First define the modules and components that are the building blocks of your product. Then add the interfaces, rules and constraints between the entities. The product model defines all the possible variants that your product can have. The product model is defined into VariPDM.

Profitability through automation
The product model helps you to automate testing and validation of your product. It also helps to manage the compatability of your solution.

Variantum's solutions have proven to be scalable for small to large compaines with complex configurable product requirements

VariPDM’s development roots are well established in the complex mechanical machinery industry, where it supports small and large global companies in functions from R&D to maintenance and aftersales.

Like most PDM solutions, VariPDM has all the standard capabilities, e.g., item and product structure management, document management, change and classification management, search and reporting, the ability to add attributes to managed objects, multilingual support, and the ability to alter and extend the flexible data model through the use of its Schema Editor. VariPDM also has a custom programming layer for special operations. Additionally, we offer a number of integrations with various design and ERP systems (e.g., SAP, MS Dynamics AX, and IFS).

At the core of VariPDM is a flexible and robust data model

VariPDM’s data model allows the solution to be easily and extensively configured for any product data related applications. This is because the data model is not coded into the core software. As a result, software updates are not affected by customized applications. Also, like other best-in-class solutions, VariPDM’s data model can be manipulated, while the solution is up and running, through a graphical user interface without programming.

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