VariProd - Production Configurator

VariProd is a production configurator designed to speed up and automate individual product structure to ERP/MRP from customer specific configurable product order.

Automate the creation of production configurations, production documentation and manage test results

How does it work?

Simply stated, VariProd is a production configurator that can be used to generate a variant of a configurable product according to predefined parameter values. VariProd can receive the parameter values from VariSales or a third-party sales configurator. However, if the product is simple enough and the user is familiar enough with the parameters, the user can enter parameter values directly into VariProd.

VariProd is based on a product family structure that contains parameter definitions (i.e., names, allowed values, etc.), constraints for the allowed parameter value combinations, and rules for generating a product variant structure.

In addition to generating configurations for different parameter values from product family structures, VariProd can verify the correctness of a product family structure in multiple ways. For example, if a row in a parts list has a selection condition, the product family verifier examines that the condition is valid. The product family verifier also examines that each valid parameter value combination satisfies exactly one selection condition among mutually exclusive alternatives.

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