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VariSales Basic - Cost-effective product configurator and quote tool (Configure-Price-Quote), easy to implement and take in use within days!

VariSales Basic is an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage sales configurator and quoting tool.

After cloud installation, product administrators can edit sales models with Excel, edit offer letter templates with Word and manage quote settings with web-based admin-tool.

See the video above to learn how it works in practice: how to create offers with sales configurator and how to manage products, letters and settings.

With VariSales Basic you can:

  • Create offers
  • Add and Configure product(s) to offer
  • Generate offer letters
  • Manage offer status
  • Nurture your offer-pipeline

VariSales Offers & Customers view helps you with:

  • Creating a new offer
  • Follow up and continue with offer drafts
  • Check accepted offers
  • Search offers and customers

With VariSales Basic sales configurator you can update price, technical summary and configuration status to offer row. There can be also fixed products added to offer.

VariSales Basic General Benefits

  • Cost-effective product configurator and quote tool
  • Fast to implement: cloud installation is automated and quick to take into use
  • Comprehensive rule-engine to manage the product rules
  • Easy modeling, if you know your product and Excel, that’s it!
  • Automated multi-lingual user-interface generation with admin tool for quotes and with Excel template for products
  • Unified offers to customer, VariSales standardizes offer layouts
  • Possibility to extend to VariSuite - VariSales when more advanced features are needed

VariSales Basic End-user Benefits

  • Easy-to-use interface for creating and managing quotes
  • With product configurator you can select product features in any order
  • VariSales AI analyses product rules and price after each selection, so the price is updated and calculated automatically on-the-go
  • Create offers easily and fast which saves your time: price, selections and status are updated to offers and offer content is generated to offer letters automatically
  • Stress-free offer creation: VariSales keeps up product rules, so sales person doesn’t have to worry or double-check end results but can focus on communication with customers instead

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