VariTrace - Product Individual Management

VariTrace is a solution designed to manage individual product technical information during the whole product lifetime.

Profitability and customer retention through smart maintenance operations

VariTrace is an installed-base management database with analytics over API. It can be used to manage the configuration of an individual product throughout its entire life-cycle, starting from its offering.

What makes VariTrace interesting?

To keep a product’s configuration up-to- date, all maintenance actions can be updated in VariTrace. Additionally, VariTrace can be used to trace product recalls, as well as IoT sensor gathered information for analysis.

VariTrace makes it possible to create an individual product structure for each physical product. These structures are needed for recording individual data about components in a product structure. This data can include, for example, serial numbers and select measured properties of the product.

Streamlining the product change process and data maintenance

Furthermore, a single configuration can be managed in VariTrace as a source for multiple individual product instances if, for example, a customer orders a set of identical variants of a configurable product. In this case, VariTrace does not make a complete copy of the entire source structure, but rather, it copies only those components that have been marked in the source structure as recording individual data. The rest of the individual product instance structure refers to components in the source structure. And if the source structure is a configuration of a configurable product, many components in the source structure are in turn references to fixed components in a product family structure.

This significantly streamlines data maintenance, as well as an organization’s product change process since there is only one master of each and every component no matter how many times it is referenced.

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