Variantum Story

Variantum is specialized in managing configurable products through their life-cycle. Our solutions have over 20 000 users in 80 countries. Our product portfolio consist of solutions from requirement management to product data management, sales configuration to production configuration, as well as installed base management and service support. Our development team is located in Espoo, Finland and we operate with world-class service partners to deliver a global support to our customers.

Academic roots

Variantum Oy was founded in 2002 by professor Reijo Sulonen of the Department of Computer Science and research director Asko Martio of the PDM Group, both associated with Aalto University in Helsinki. Variantum’s background lies strongly in academic research and projects with industry. Several of our founding members and employees have written their doctoral thesis in product configuration technologies. Variantum became operative in 2005.

Books about Product Life-cycle Management (PLM)

Variantum founding members published the first book about Product Data Management (PDM) in 2002. A second book was published in 2015 by Asko Martio. The new book covered the complete scope of product data management, product configuration, and associated processes such as R&D, sales and manufacturing. The book is comprehensive in its level of understanding of the meaning of Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) to businesses and remains to be one of the few to exhaustively cover the subject.

Global future

Variantum remodelled its ownership and management in 2016 to include world-class industrial talent and experienced private investors. Employees continue to own a majority of the company to foster an entrepreneur-spirit and commitment. The mission of the management is to continue to grow the company into an internationally recognised leader in configuration life-cycle management.

Customer focus

Variantum’s clientele includes global industrial leaders as well as local champions. Our customers understand that it is not enough to configure the physical product to your customer’s needs. You need to configure your whole customer offering, often consisting of services, software and hardware. We are looking for leading companies in their field that want to improve their competitive advantage with a customer centric offering, launch new products faster, shine in order-to-delivery accuracy and excel in after-sales services.

I started my career by working in the development project for the first industrial computer in Finland, the SELCO 1000. In the early 70’s, I joined the KONE Instrument Division and in the 1980’s KONE Elevators. One of my tasks was to find a software program solution for managing product documentation, but no suitable program was available. We decided to do our own research and development creating the Engineering Data Management System (EDMS). EDMS was a success among the production manufacturing and the users insisted that all product data should be in the same system.

After leaving Kone, I worked as a Research Director at the Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University). We concentrated on configuration model development in cooperation with companies. The target was to make product modelling easier to understand and more visual, without the requirement of programming skills. Our solution to this challenge resulted many enquiries from companies, but the university was not allowed to make any commercial products. So, we founded Variantum Oy.

Asko Martio, Variantum

The ability to offer a personalized service or product at a reasonable price level creates a competitive edge on the market. The growing number of potential service and product variations imposes a major challenge on managing information.

We are the trusted and loyal partner of our clients and help them gain competitive advantage with their product lifecycle management solution. Variantum’s own competitive advantage comes from our high level of expertise, feature portfolio, speed and flexibility.

Pekka Blomberg, Variantum